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kenneth's 22nd birthday!
Friday, April 13, 2007

happiness. we both ended our exams on the same day! i practically went crazy the whole day.. super high.. must thank eugene and bra for shopping with me the whole afternoon and being my fashion consultant haha..
we had dinner at a restaurant in swissotel.. nice food! and nice conversations too! :)
the happy bday boy!

kenneth and his parents :)

the crystal jade cake

me with his family :) Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 11:29 AM :)

gave kenneth a belated birthday treat at villa bali! hey peeps u all shud go there too! nice ambience, the food is great too! its got a relaxing resort feel.. very nice.. got a little mozzies tho. i had a great time gorging myself and talking and chilling out last night.. i hope you enjoyed urself too dear :)

the nice food at villa bali.. some veg kebab, veg platter, lamb set..

haha i had to force kenneth to take a pic! he can carry off the preppy look quite well right!

haha we walked ard a bit with wah ming and ended up taking picture at this isolated dining "hut".. yes, i highlighted my hair, it looks REALLY hideous. so tempted to go dye it black again. Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 11:28 AM :)

Monday, April 02, 2007

hi peeps! its been long...!

been studying.. tho' albeit the not productive despite the long hours stayed at home..
note that i said 'stay at home', not 'reading notes'
haha cos somehow i'll be milling around the house and tada, somehow time just flies away
and there goes.. the studying debt accumulates and accumulates..
from having to do 4.2 lectures a day, it quickly accumulated to the point whereby i have to do 7 plus lectures a day in order to finish my FIRST round.. i still haven't finished my first round yet.. unlike my dear cg mates who are way past the 1st round.. well done boys haha..
so i have no idea what i'm doing blogging.. but cannot larh.. brain freeze la.. things are not even going in..
must thank eugene for asking me to chill and checking on me periodically haha.. makes me a lil less stressed when we complain about how slow and unproductive we are haha..
and of cos millions of thanks go out to my dearest boyfriend who has been lending me his ears while i bitch and bitch agitatedly about stupid bugs haha..
1 more week till the end of microb.
a part of me feels happy.
the other part feels panicky.
what schizophrenic emotions.
yeah yeah yeah.. must be my NMDAR getting blocked leading to loss of glumatergic transmisson.. and my reticular activating system must not be working cos i am not feeling awake at all, not even with the help of coffee which is staining my teeth so terribly.. my gums are ulcerating and my lips are swollen cos i've been scrubbing my teeth religiously 4 times a day to get rid of all those much talked about stains haha..

ok enuf. ciao!

__pondering* 5:06 PM :)