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Tuesday, August 15, 2006



stupid hormones

stupid responsibilities

stupid stomach

stupid everything.

__pondering* 11:14 PM :)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

something that my friend and i were discussing one day suddenly popped into my mind..

how do we quantify pride? do some people have more pride than others?

so this person has been a high flyer all along.
does that mean he has more pride than someone else who might not have been as outstanding?
can we quantify pride by measuring past acheivements?
is it more "shameful" and "mei mian zi" for this person to fail to attain something as compared to the other person, because the former supposedly has more pride than the latter?

was lying in my bed and thinking about this last night.
i decided that pride stems from reaching your own expectations, it is not a function of the cumulative achievements of a person.

you might be a roadsweeper, but if you put your heart into your job regardless of social opinion, and you really believe in what you are doing, who is to say you have less pride than some other manager?

my friend was saying that a high flyer will feel more upset and ashamed than a plain jack when he fails because he has more pride. so this was how this whole topic came about..

so.. i was thinking, does the amount of pride someone has anything to do with his rebound from his fall?

i guess on first thought, it would seem that the more pride a person has, the harder the fall will be, and also, the harder it is to stand up and recover.

but i beg to differ.

the more pride a person has, the faster he will recover. pride comes from self belief ya? the proud person believes he can do it, and he does it. yep..

seems like we humans spend too much time worrying about other people's opinions about us. but i guess what really matters is our own opinion of ourselves. because it is the only opinion that can really change the direction of our lives :)

__pondering* 5:16 PM :)

battupong, mum, and maria!  Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:44 PM :)

poor joel.. we had to do what we did to make ur bday a memorable one :)  Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:43 PM :)

but it all paid off in the end!  Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:42 PM :)

the yummy cake! Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:41 PM :)

while aileen and i were guarding joel's yummy cake.. Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:40 PM :)

they took a number photo..  Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:40 PM :)

joel's bday banner :) Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:40 PM :)

ian actually drove the taxi!!!! Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:39 PM :)

haggling by the road sideeeeee Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:39 PM :)

the voluptuous trannies at the cabaret show in bangkok.. Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:38 PM :)

joel carn get out...! Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:38 PM :)

proud puma owners! Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:37 PM :)

:) Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:37 PM :)

bridging the asian and european continents! Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:36 PM :)

higH hiGH hIGH HIGH!!! Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:35 PM :)

hon is the pro! Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:33 PM :)

"i try to say goodbye (smoke seesha) and i choke.." Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:32 PM :)

joel gets tooo high! Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:31 PM :)

the fruits there are oh my god delicious and fresh and cheap and SLUUUUURRRPPPPP Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:31 PM :)

poser boys again Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:30 PM :)

poser boys Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:29 PM :)

rou!!! Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:29 PM :)

hon!! Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:29 PM :)

greedy gluttons Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:29 PM :)

the sunflowers there are breathtakingly gorgeous Posted by Picasa

__pondering* 1:28 PM :)