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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

oh my.. rou an is just so so so funny la.. that funny half girl half boy.. goodness.. i spent the 2 plus hours in lecture writing crap stuff in her new notebook.. like all the mrs LAUghter.. perverted puurfat hyena cum chimpanzee.. and that gurl.. made a big boo boo! goodness.. now she will not magnetise ppl anymore.. haha.. this is like the most fun lecture i've ever had.. cos i didn't listen at all and spent all my time laughing till my face and stomach cramp.. all the crap about doctors clucking to their patients (when the lecturer really meant "clerking" info related to the patient).. and then me, rou and aileen just started clucking our hands and "pok-pok-kay-ing".. and then there;s a picture of this woman clutching her stomach in pain.. and then i said it looks like our prof ho tf.. and then rou repeated "Ho TF" so loudly that everyone in the far vicinity just turned around and look at us.. oh man.. she is just so hilarious!

my anat grp is so nice! mama bean, helpful aileen, know-it-all mo mo, sacral lame suriya etc.. wah.. we really rock! god is really nice to bless me with these great ppl around me! :)

__pondering* 5:05 PM :)

Monday, November 07, 2005

yo gals and guys!

wow.. its been so so long!

i've got so much to write! but i'm too lazy to write it down.. and i've already clean forgotten about the many things i've felt throughout these days..

1 thing's for sure: health is so so so important.

hmmm.. and well.. what else.. studying sucks lo.. as usual. though i know many people are dying to have the opportunity to study.. *whine*

and.. exams are coming up.. shucks!!!

and.. my dad is being a freak yet AGAIN. i shall not make my blood boil by thinking of the horrible things he has done yet again.

i hate squeezing on 198 buses early in the morning with aunties who push and push like there's gold on the bus.

i can't wait to be able to drive to school!

i want to be fit! stop panting like some intense air expeller machine everytime i do some minor exercise.

i want my girls!!!

i want tv!!! jeanette ow on the new 9pm show!!!

i need a change of wardrobe!

i want the hols!

i want efficiency! i want discipline! i want determination!

i... aiyo.. the list goes on..

i need some exciting things in my life.

__pondering* 6:21 PM :)