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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

my honeybear is back!! :) back from that faraway land called taiwan.. heh.. miss him so much!! :) yay! i'm a happpppyyyyyy gurrrrllllll... haha....

i'm sleepy..............

i'm just so proud of my pride and joy.. :)

still can feel that tingle of excitement in my heart.. heh..

aihyo.. im really rambling liaoz..

haha.. nowadays i keep having intra-sex diaos with my anat tutorial mate.. haha.. its very funny la.. yesterday we were just diaoing each other about ac and rj gurls.. and about everything under the sun.. its amazing how 2 gurls can diao each other until liddat.. but its fun! haha..

jess! any bday wishlist?

__pondering* 2:51 PM :)

Monday, October 24, 2005

hi! haven't blogged for a long long timE! i am just too lazy to switch on my labtop.. hhaha.. listening to korean song now..

rain is so cute!! aiyah.. he's cute in the show full house.. but i saw his pictures during the concert.. hmmm like very act cool.. bah.. not too cute liaoz..

but he sings well la.. :)

just had FA.. goodness.. everytime i study in school i start "gossipping" with my friends.. my closest 2 friends in school now.. eugene and ibrahim.. haha.. i am very honoured la.. cos they actually "confided" their "problems" in me.. heh.. now i feel more important.. haha..

yay! wang wang is coming back, ie tomorrow morning.. yay!!
and i'm meeting my super super pro mentor for dinner tomorrow! brilliant! he's the founder of stemcord.. go to stemcord.com to find out about him.. you'll be so impressed by him.. he's dr teo cheng peng. :) i was so so so so high when i found out about him.. and.. ya.. i am really really honoured.. goodness... he look very cute too! haha..

you know i really hate my blog entries nowadays.. its so.. sigh.. substanceless.. my sentences are so disjointed.. and my thoughts are so useless and brainless.. bish bash.

but im just too lazy to blog.. everyday's been just studying studying.. if not then watch tv.. aiyo..

but all in all.. ya.. i think this year, my health has taken the greatest beating.. i dunno why.. but.. bah.

i feel so dizzy so easily.. even when sitting.. and then i get breathless.. went to the chinese physician.. acupuncture and got some med to increase my rbc count.. its rather low.. hmmm hmm.. i guess that's the reason why ivenot been feeling so enthu about exercising.. or maybe cos i'm not exercising so much that i become dizzy so easily.. i dunno which is the chicken which is the egg.. spare me.

health is the most important asset one can have. without health.. you feel so so so horrible even though you have everything else.

and ya.. wanted to say something but i forgot..

ya i remember..

my fats.. goodness.. ok la.. i know they are just "diaoing" la.. haha.. but its really funny how my guy friend came up to me and pinched my arm and said "flabby ams!" and how my friends keep teasing me about my lipids.. aiyo.. "eh you should exercise leh.. so fat.." "how come you got so much meat?" blah blah.. aiyah.. can't be bothered la... i know i am not beautiful. haha..

__pondering* 5:57 PM :)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

feel rather sad after reading jess's blog.. just feel very sad.. but i can't discretely list down the reason.. bah..

its rather sad to think that in the end, all these stuff that we are doing now will end up to nothing..

ok.. its one of my pms ramblings..

i did nothing during this weekend. i feel very very very bad.. its a horrible feeling.. like i just wasted all these time.. horrible..

squash on fri, tuition, og outing, family outing to imm on saturday, watching tv and going to car showrooms today..

oh my.. that's where my time went too.. puff in a cloud of smoke. how to make up for all these lost time? horrible....

and its even more horrible that i'm actually feeling horrible over these kind of things that will eventually amount to nothing..

its just horrible that i can't even control something i know is horrible..

ok.. everything's just horrible now ya?

its horrible what hormones can do to you.

guys should have these hormones injected into them and taste what girls go thru.. so they wun complain about our pms..

but anyway, there's no one to complain about my pms this time..

the most important guy in my life is having a tough time away in taiwan.. sighz.
when will you come back?
and even when you are back, when will you have time to spend with me?
time.. what a hateful enemy.
i'm greedy. i am not contented with just a few hours. i want more. i want to see you everyday. i want to see you every hour of everyday.
but that dream will never ever come!
after army, we'll be separated by the many many oceans and time zones.


what a horrible life that is.

why am i complaining when i am already so lucky?

and why did michelle's blog suddenly disppear from the virtual world?


__pondering* 10:26 PM :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

funny pic for all!! :)

from my friend's shirt!

in case you dun get it.. it says..

"girl + bird = boy"

super funny! and the male version says

"boy + scissors = girl"

haha!! :)

__pondering* 5:45 PM :)

Sunday, October 09, 2005

wow.. i just realised i have posted 295 posts ever since the start of this blog.. what a magical number!

i just feel like blogging but i have no idea what to blog about..


ok. maybe lets talk about the channel 8 dragon show.. whine. its gonna end on monday! then i'll have no more show to commit to! ok. i'll commit to the next 7 o'clock show. which is the tong xin yuan show?! bah. i'll miss the chiobu and shuai ge.. aiyo.. whine whine whine. i'm such a tv addict. addicted to the escape from reality that tv shows allow me, and addicted to brainless stuff.. i wonder how some of my friends can get by like just mugging and MUGGING and not watching tv or going out or anything.. i think i'd rather die than live that kind of life. what's the point of studying so hard? i mean.. in the end, you are in this cycle called life. and the purpose of life is to contribute and enjoy yourself. oh man. if enjoying yourself means mugging the hell out of your brain.. then happy new year lo. but ya.. what's the point of studying so so so so hard and forgo the other good things in life? its totally not worth it. i guess life is this trial and error process whereby you try to balance the "main purpose" ie the contributing part, together with the "enjoying nice things in life" part. some ppl never ever find that balance in life. oh what a sad life they have.
right now, my priority is my family. how i love them...

talking about that..

i was reading some chinese sec 2 compo that day.. and it was about this girl writing about her dad.. like.. suddenly, she got so touched by the things that her dad did for her.. and she realised the greatness of her dad...

in my case.. i have always known how wei da my dad is.. the hardships he goes thru just to put a roof over my head and food into my mouth.. i know how tough his life his.. and i really love and respect him for all the sacrifices he gave..

but.. sometimes i simply detest, even hate him for the things he do.. like bully my mum. like.. all the irrational things he do that piss and irk me. behaving like some.. jerk and childish man who has lost his sense of rationality. all the crazy things he do.. i really have a traditional dad. that kind of last century dad who only bothers about bringing money and food back to the house but doesn't care about the other going-ons in the household. dun talk to the children.. come home then just sleep. eat. watch tv. talk on the phone to his sister instead of to his children and his wife. then what's the point of setting up a family man? so that you can stress yourself out and complain to your sister? so that you can hone your cold war skills by practising it on your wife over stupid little things that are your own fault in the first place? grow up old man. you are old on the outside. but sometimes i feel that you are even more childish than the child who pouts cos his mum refuses to buy him a lollipop. at least the child gets over it after a free minutes. but you? i wonder how long it will take for this yet another cold war to end. get a life man. what's the point of working so hard, and realising that in the end, you've gotten nothing in return cos you have not enjoyed the life you were given? you are a slave to y0our work. you get angry when we ask you to rest. ask you to take a break or holiday. aiyah whtever la. i'm tired of trying to talk to this stick in the mud.

__pondering* 11:16 AM :)

Friday, October 07, 2005



its ok.. *breathes deeply*

visit theinterviewwithgod.com and view the 'screensaver" thingie.. its really meaningful and touching.

__pondering* 6:30 PM :)

Monday, October 03, 2005

just sent off my dearest at the airport.. he's off to taiwan for 3 weeks..

it was rather fun seeing his bunkmates.. haha.. finally got to meet all the ppl he has been talking about non stop.. the o+ bunk and the cheeky bunkmates.. very fun lo.. and i talked to his parents a lot too.. :)

but.. sigh.. i'm missing you.. already counting down till the day you are back.. take care.. and you're always in my heart.

__pondering* 9:55 PM :)