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Thursday, September 30, 2004

hihi..! i came across some lines thatare bone tickling! :)

  • the top philippines export is people

  • Cambridge Centre for Brain Repair -- haha! can you imagine! the students study till they go mad and their brains can't work anymore.. and then go to this centre to repair their brains.. haha! i can just picture this scene where the student takes out HIS brain and then hand it over to the repairman, who sprays many chemicals on it and uses some screws and bolts to tighten some junctions.. haha! its hilarious!

  • Read the question carefully. Answer the question, and don't massacre the meaning of a carefully worded question by simply treating it as "Write everything you know about ....".

Some exam tips!!

The Week Before the Exams

Sleep, eat & drink sensibly.

Don't worry; if you find it difficult then lots of other people will be finding it difficult too.

Keep plodding on. Try not to succumb to anxiety.

Make a strict division between work and relaxation. Work hard when you work, completely relax when you relax.

Make sure that your alarm-clock is in good working order.

__pondering* 1:03 PM :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

hey peeps! a few more minutes and i'll be into my 2nd day of being magically 18~ :) its been the most memorable birthday.. :) i'm really really so happy today.. a BIG thanks to all of you who made today so special for me.. all the surprises.. the surprise cake cutting session in school.. the nice heartwarming girls talk at swensen's (with surprise guest appearance by baoxin and huiping~).. the surprises that awaited me at home that made me speechless.. i just kept melting today.. found myself gushing at home.. i carn stop smiling the whole day.. i'm just feeling so happy~ so so so so happy.. thank you my little big one.. :) i love you so much.. the effort you put in despite the various constraints just to put a smile on my face is really so touching~ i'm totally overwhelmed by warmness.. thanks jess mich bx hp jam for indulging me in a get fatter session.. and listening to me talk porno stuff.. i know that u girls will always be my pillar of support and strength whenever i need you.. thanks dad.. :) yur really so so so nice~ made me utterly dumbfounded.. :] and thanks everybody.. :) i'm really so happy!!!!!!!! i never knew i could be so happy!!! ok.. i think you guys now know the extent of my gushing.. awwwwww.... i feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world! it feels so good!!! :) everyone was staring at me.. cos i was carrying a bag on my shoulder, had 3 big bags in my left hand, and was carrying the bouquet of flowers on my right.. haha.. although i had to stand all my way home.. it felt quite good to have people throwing me puzzled looks.. like.. "why is that girl carrying so many things? and wad a big bouquet of flowers!.. oh wow! she has 2 bouquets somemore!" haha.. :) *smug smug* well well.. besides all the surprises i got today.. i got to talk to people whom i have not kept in touch with for so long.. its so nice..

but well.. mei zhong bu zu de shi.. ming tian you chem s.. :( study no study jie guo zhi you yi ge.. so.. why bother studying? haha! okok.. i shall go sleep and dream of nice nice things.. :) once again... thanks everybody..!!! i love you guys!!!! love you guys really a whole lot!!! esp my little wang wang!! :P

__pondering* 11:31 PM :)

Saturday, September 25, 2004

i received the "prospectus" for yale university.. i guess many others received it too.. yale is a really nice place.. at least the photographer took very nice pictures of yale.. its really gorgeous.. as i was flipping the book, i saw this picture consisting of many faces with radiant smiles, each donning the much coveted rectangular graduation hat.. and i felt this.. sudden overwhelming urge to.. to i dunno wad.. but i just felt this rush of tears.. (no its just a rush of tears, i din cry..) how many more years will have past before i can proudly put on that hat and say that i have graduated? how tough will that road be? the future is very scary.. right now, i don't even know if i can get into a university.. and i am looking forward to the day i graduate.. how overly-ambitious.. *applauds myself*

i wish i could be those people who look only at tomorrow, and give no heck about what's gonna come the day after.. in that way, they'll always be happy.. or so i guess? sigh.. i was attending obkorea briefing today.. and suddenly i thot to myself " gosh i love my life".. its just amazing how thoughts can change in the blink of an eye.. i want a crystal ball..

we met zafri at kino that day.. i was browsing thru the medicine section.. and i was (and am still) overwhelmed.. :( its tough.. (ok it had always been, and i know it) zafri said he got accepted into st georgia's(??) but he felt it wasn't the type of life he wanted.. we were talking about doctors having to take exams every year.. going back to classrooms for approx 15 years.. gosh.. to think that once i step onto this path, there's no way i can leave scary textbooks and exams and concentrate on my romance stories.. haiyoh.. what a terrible life.. i dun wanna slog my life away.. at the same time, i dun wanna waste my life away.. oh no.. i am going on about this again.. arghz.. shall end it here.. *snip*

colours today was boring.. marcus phua is now TALLER than me.. and i was 2 heads taller than him last time.. i hate testosterones.. they are the cause of sexual offences and the cause of male's superior sporting abilities as well as their shocking ability to "eat so much and not get fat" and "exercise a bit and build up so much muscles" I officially announce "testosterones" as women's GrEatEsT enemy.. :(

s***w maths s. and chem s too.

__pondering* 7:50 PM :)

the more you let it go, the more it will come back to you.

__pondering* 7:49 PM :)

Friday, September 24, 2004

hihi people! hows everybody? i missed you all... really.. tml's colours awards.. so happy.. can see bx and hp again!!! very very excited.. but im scared i carn fit into my blazer skirt anymore.. cos i think i put on so many lumps of lipids.. its plain disgusting.. haha.. got obs briefing tml too... btw.. my net broke down.. my com's plagued with viruses.. so i wun be blogging so often recently i guess.. this is my sis' com..

know what? silly me broke down today.. must be the influence of hormones.. *hint hint* after bio paper.. jess yh and i were checking answers and i realised that i keep getting wrong answers after wrong answers.. i was so blardee pissed.. and so disappointed.. i flunked the easiest paper of the prelims la! how can that be! gosh.. so silly me got so upset.. pulled a long face from the hall back to the council room.. and back there.. i couldn't stand the sight of everyone smiling cos they were comparing answers and got many things correct.. so i went to the verandah and took up this shuttlecock from the floor and started mutilating it.. at least now i know how the feathers were put together.. and somehow this seemed like positive feedback and i started tearing.. and before long.. it was full blown crying.. with the tears flowing.. *sniffing but no sound though* yh came out.. we took a walk.. but that just made me worse.. sigh sigh.. i told him i dunno why i was crying.. so there 's no use making such a big fuss out of this bio mcq.. i think i got raped worse for the other papers.. like leaving 37 marks out of 100 blank.. ahem.. i think i am quite amazing.. i think i have grown.. if this had happened in the past.. like me getting a few questions wrong.. i would have pulled a long face the whole day and remain dem pissed..(does that sound like some ex pri sch classmate we noe? the lost world? haha... hope he learns to let go too!) but now.. i can get raped like hell and then come out laughing that i had left 37 marks blank.. i'm learning to let go.. take it easy.. and its great :) except for today.. "rare" outburst.. ok its not that rare.. but for the whole prelims.. i had not felt so upset about a paper before, even though i was pretty screwed.. so i concluded its the hormones.. sexual repro ppl shud noe it best. haha..

owells i miss blogging... i think i m gonna flunk my prelims.. s papers are coming up.. bx i'm luckier than u.. got no paper on my bday.. but the next day i've got another mutilating session of chem s.. definitely will make me puke blood and my innards out.. so i guess im not so lucky after all...

jia you everybody.. its the 2nd last stretch.. for those w/o s.. good for u! ur ordeal is over.. to poor ppl like us still struggling.. jia you!! actually prelims is the 4th last ordeal.. prelims --> GETTING PRELIM RESULTS (its a real BIG ordeal)-->a's --> getting a's results... hahaha... ok wadeva.. baorong is gettin crazy..

btw.. terminal and dodgeballs is really nice!!! watched terminal today and dodge on wed... both are really nice.. the terminal is so touching.. its such a show that makes me wanna cry.. cos victor is so so so innocent sweet cute smart witty sincere.. he makes ppl feel like they wanna hug him and love him and pity him.. its like another forrestgump character.. like so pitiful and so cute! i absolutely love him!!! he's a great cute man!!!

ok i better stop amusing u.. :) tata and jia you in wadeva ur doing.. :]

__pondering* 9:08 PM :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

hihi.. hows everyone?? i feel like i'm being sucked into this whirlpool.. once ur in it, u carn come out.. its a horrible feeling.. its mad mugging now.. really mad.. i miss the times when i can just stone.. and do nothing.. and i dunno what else.. i just miss the simple good things in life.. like not mugging.. haha.. talking to people.. and most importantly.. sleep.. i'm gonna sleep for 3 days 3 nights after prelims man.. i'm dying.. my neck is like half paralysed now.. haha.. i think i strained some nerve or sth.. carn turn properly.. haha.. great.. :P hmmm... i've had so many thoughts over the past weeks.. but i never got the chance to pen them down.. wad a waste..

i miss all my friends.. i miss all the people around me.. especially all those whom i was so close to.. but now they just exist in bits and pieces everywhere.. reinforces the fact that nothing is forever.. sigh.. transient as life.. happy bday bx.. :P and happy bdae jamie (soon to come).. u guys have grown up!! heh.. me too!!!

human relationships need compromise.. u carn have the best of everthing.. u wan more friends, u give up some mugging time.. u wan good results, u jolly well be contented with the limted social circle you are stuck with.. haha.. ok... i betta go... cya when i cya.. :P

__pondering* 10:22 PM :)