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Friday, February 20, 2009

this picture took my breath away. i so so wanna go to alaska.

sorry dear i'm so blur.. and last minute too...

__pondering* 11:25 PM :)

finally.. again

sudden urge to start blogging..

had many things to say, but somehow i forgot everything..

been spending a lot of money amending flights, booking flights, booking shuttles and stuff.. i guess its a learning experience.. to finally plan my own trip for once.. haha previously, my darling friends have always been the ones planning everything, buying tickets, settling accomodation etc, but now i have to do everything on my own.. steep learning curve! and the monetary price for my ignorance is rather significant.. and i guess i realised i have been assuming many many things! kept thinking that US is like singapore, u can reach anywhere with cabs within 1 hour.. and cabs are not that easily available.. imagine my shock when i realised that the time taken to travel from the airport to the bus terminal is 2 hours...
and committed other booboos like booking a flight leaving at 6am, such an unearthly hour.. on retrospect, it was totally brainless of me.. it takes 4 hours to travel from the university (i totally did not expect that.. i thought it wld only take 1 hour) and i gotta check in 1 hour before the plane departs.. so... i gotta leave the hostel in the blistering cold and eerie darkness at 1am? its really amusing. and so to change the flight, i have to pay a sum that is only slightly lower than the airfare itself. blame it on my own stupidity. wells. i can only console myself that at least i learnt something..

i'm scared to travel alone. foreign land, foreign accent, foreign faces, foreign weather (snow! -14 deg cel!!! UGHHH), foreign food, foreign routine, foreign time, foreign bed, friendLESS, foreign everything. makes me super scared to think of it. but at the same time, i know God is giving me a rare opportunity to learn to be independent, and i hope that with God's grace, i will be inspired, whatever aspect it might be..

sigh. the world is kinda sad.

__pondering* 7:40 PM :)